Tinderella Part I: Not So Nice Guys

The story of Tinderella:
This past Fall, I decided to try out Tinder. I had tried it a couple times before but deleted it within three days. The first two times I joined Tinder, it was because I felt lonely. I was not ready to date and unless you are emotionally ready to handle Tinder, I would recommend to stay away. At the very end of last Summer, I had decided I was ready to date. I joined Tinder and Plenty of Fish. Today, I thought I would share my Tinder experience and talk about the different types of men I interacted with either on the app, via text or in person.

  1. Straight to the Dirty: His first message is either crude or straight to the point.
    “I may not go down in history, but  I will go down on you.” This person may or may not offend you, but hey at least he was honest and did not lead you on. Also, it is Tinder. If you are creeped out, unmatch him and he will no longer be able to contact you.
  2. End Goal – Sex: He messages you sweet nothings, asks you on a date, but expects sex at the end.
    These guys are dangerous! Luckily, I only fell for one, a charmer! Unless you can spot them out, I would not recommend Tinder to you. I have a friend who constantly thought she met Mr. Right and although I would tell her these specific men only want sex, she would refuse to listen. After going on fancy dates, sometimes multiple dates, as soon as they had sex, he would stop texting and calling. Unfortunately, it took her a while to realize I was speaking the truth and would get upset each time it happened. Please ladies, if you cannot spot them out, refuse to stop at any red flags, or listen to your friend’s advice when you tell them all about this “amazing” new guy, DO NOT GET ON TINDER!!! Try something else! These guys are not worth your pain or tears. Unless sex is your end goal, the only advice I can give you is, get to know the guy a little more before you jump into the sack. I get we all have needs, but it’ll be worth the wait. Scenario 1: You sleep with him, he stops talking to you; unnecessary emotional distress. Scenario 2: You don’t sleep with him, he stops talking to you, you don’t regret the night before. Say “screw you” and move onto the next one!
  3. Mixed Messages: He will take you out on a date and make plans for another, but will postpone.
    He will send you text messages and seem interested, but his plans are always on a maybe basis. QUIT TALKING TO HIM!! You deserve to be with someone who wants to be with you, just as much as you want to be with them. Do not be their second choice, realize you are worth more.

Tinder is commonly seen as a hook up app, but believe it or not, not all men are on Tinder to hook up. In my next post Part II: Nice Guys, I will introduce the nicer men of Tinder.

Tinderella – One of the guys I met actually gave me this name.


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