Tinderella Part II: Nice Guys

For those of you who may have missed Part I: Not So Nice Guys, you can find it here.

In this next blog post, I will discuss the Nice Guys of Tinder.

  1. Friendly: On Tinder to date &/or make friends.
    Ah, I really liked friendly. These guys are fun! They are on tinder to date and/or make friends. There really isn’t much pressure on these dates.
    I met one “friendly” over an early dinner and with enough interest to continue the date, he took me rock climbing. I was pumped! It was on my bucket list for that year. At the end of the date, he took me out to Braum’s for some ice cream. Although we were able to have good conversations and the rock climbing was a blast, I think we both realized there was no romantic chemistry. Our date lasted six hours, but it was more of a really fun hang out with a stranger.
  2. Cheesy: Starts convo with a cheesy pick-up line, plus a few more, but the conversation doesn’t go anywhere.
    Personally I love cheesy- whether it be jokes/puns, in cube form, or melted on my entree, but a cheesy conversation? Enough with the multiple compliments that are too funny (and non-specific) to believe. Have to say, the most memorable was, “If I gave you a dozen roses, I would be looking at thirteen of God’s most beautiful creations.” I would like to appreciate the cheesy pick-up lines, and I apologize for being a downer, but I know for a fact some guys copy and paste their conversation starters. Be genuine! (Men, if you are genuinely cheesy all the time, don’t change.) A funny and flattering one-liner does stand out, but once you have her attention, please move onto an actual conversation. When you meet, feel free to be as cheesy as the pizza I wish I could be eating on our date.
  3. Needy: Text, meet once, send a lot of heart emojis, text, resend texts.
    I have only met one guy like this. It all happened quite quickly. We matched, messaged, and made plans to meet the next day. Our conversation felt forced, but he had not been on Tinder long so I figured it was just nerves. He asked if I would like a second date and  reluctantly, I said yes. We met on a Thursday and asked to go on a date Sunday. Between Thursday and Saturday, he began to talk about cuddling together, making future plans with family and sent heart and kissy emojis often. When I would take a while to text back, he would send multiple texts and sometimes the same text. I know there are girls who constantly need to be texting their man, I was once like that. If you want someone to text you often, this guy is for you!
  4. The One: On Tinder to see what the app is about and finds “The One”.
    In case you’ve lost all hope, know that there are good men & women on Tinder. Although I did not meet my Prince Charming on Tinder, I know it is possible to meet your “One” through the app. My brother decided he would see what Tinder was about and met a genuinely sweet, caring and independent lady named, Elizabeth. They were both fortunate enough to meet each other very early on during their Tinder experience and are now planning their wedding! Not only do they have plans to wed, a good friend of mine, Michele is also engaged and met her person through Tinder. It is possible!


Hope to see you back tomorrow to read my final post on Tinder, Part III- Happily Never After.



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