Tinderella Part III: Happily Never After

Hello hello! Welcome back to my blog! So glad to have you here again. Today, I am posting my final thoughts regarding Tinder. If you’ve missed my last couple of posts on Tinder, click the following links to catch up!  Tinderella Part I & Part II.

Although I learned a lot about myself – what it is I want, do not want,  my preferences, my distastes, and a lot about the app dating world in general, in the end I realized Tinder is not for me.

It was both fun and awful while it lasted; Tinder is exhausting! Starting new conversations, maintaining good ones, and meeting people is quite tiresome. Plus, I prefer to know someone before I go on a date. When you meet someone at a social event, you talk and get to know a little bit about each other, and if all goes well, you ask or will be asked to go on a date. The date will be exciting because you already know that you share interests, get along well in person, and are attracted to each other. When you simply message through the app or text, you do not know what the other person is truly like until you meet. When you meet, you might realize the person sounded better through text and that you actually have no chemistry in person. I may have learned a lot, but in the end, I felt like I wasted a lot of time. I don’t know how I will meet my person, but I can tell you it will not be through Tinder.

In all honesty, after reading this, if you think you can handle it, I say give Tinder a try. It might not be for me, but who am I to say it is not for you. Whether it be out of curiosity, for the experience, fun, or to find the one.  If you are currently on or will be downloading Tinder, I sincerely wish you the best of luck. Be prepared to possibly come across someone you have been interested in (exciting), someone that has always been interested in you (do not lead this person on), an ex  (expect a text or screenshot from a friend), or even possibly, a significant other of someone you know (not so exciting). On that note, Happy Swiping!



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