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Prince Charming’s Quest

Hope you enjoyed reading about my experience on Tinder! Soon after I posted Tinderella Part I: Not So Nice Guys, I received a reply from a male friend to inform me about his online dating experience. His essay via Facebook message reads:

Right so my experience / views on dating sites.
Tinder – Normally we judge people up to eight seconds of first meeting them. This dramatically decreases when you put a motion in like flicking the finger or thumb right or left. One bad picture could be the difference between hooking up with the guy of your dreams and living happily ever after. Instead of going round a dance floor, checking each individual person, you can go through double the amount of people while sitting on the toilet at work on a Tuesday. Unless you see everything your looking forward in that one picture and those two seconds it takes to say yes or no, then it’s probably going to be the latter. You won’t even notice their name.


He then went on to write about the girls he comes across on Plenty of Fish. For those of you that may not know, Plenty of Fish is another commonly used dating app. POF, as many call it, includes a full profile about yourself- an about me, detailed questions about yourself, and your intent (friendship, sex, dating, long-term dating, marriage). Back to his message:

Now this takes a bit of work. You have to pick the right selection of picture and write the perfect description of yourself. A bit more judgement is needed.
First of all things that really “grind my gears”

  1. “My kids are my world” This frustrates me, what about a Saturday night when you’re trying to make your baby jealous??
  2. “Looking for a decent guy” or “Not up for fun” Then your picture is of you bent over a bed in a thong?? Yes, you have a right to post whatever the hell you want, but you’re already sending mixed messages.
  3. “Won’t date military guys” If you want a guy with you 24/7 then you can say it in a nicer way. These guys don’t do anything bad; It’s their choice to defend what they believe in. Please be a little more creative on why you won’t date them. Or better yet, give them a chance??
  4. Stalkers – As soon as you give them your phone number, they can find you on Facebook and all the stuff you don’t want to tell them yet comes spooling out. Ooops.

Dates – 7

Now dating sites all have the same issues. Women are f****ed around by the immature or sleaze bags and ones with “GAME”. HOWEVER, it’s these people that are the ones that can talk women round. Maybe the guy who asks you how you are or if you enjoy your job might be the little start of something massive. Even the smallest box from Tiffany can make a girls smile the biggest.

Now is it a coincidence that my longest relationship through dating websites is 6 months?? (I’ve had 2 longer). It’s so easy  to just chop all ties with them. You didn’t meet on a night out, shopping, or the library; you don’t have to see them at all if they live far enough away.

But I s’pose most of us are still just wanting that last first date.

Here’s to hoping Prince Charming will someday find his Happily Ever After. ♥



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