Employee Gala


I started to work at a local Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital on May of 2015 as a PRN. I worked twelve hour shifts every Saturday and Sunday and as needed during the weekdays. Now, I work full time, MondayFriday as a registrar and get to dress up and party once a year with all of my co-workers. It is quite fantastic.

Annually, the hospital hosts a employee gala and this year it was The Great Gatsby-themed. The employee gala was held on February 13th at Bank of America Plaza in Dallas. It was such a blast. I went with close friends of mine and danced all night with my co-workers. Sadly, my friends and I broke the camera and were unable to take home our picture taken with the Gatsby backdrop. That being said, I was able to capture a few photos on my phone and will share it below.

I am fortunate enough to work with the greatest co-workers a girl could ask for. My immediate department is currently girls only and it is so much fun. Not a day goes by that we do not laugh. At times, our workdays can be crazy and I could not survive without my ladies. To make things even better, I work for the best boss ever. She is understanding and considerate, but also expects everyone to act, dress, and perform professionally at all times. My employer has made it into “Best Place to Work – Modern Healthcare” multiple times for obvious reasons. It is fantastic working with people that take time to get to know you, genuinely care about you, and thank you for what you do. I am truly blessed.

Until next time,

Edited by: Lauren “Sladerade” Slade


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