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Lone Star Brahmas

A few years ago, Kendra and I went to a Texas Rangers game and last Fall, we attended a Dallas Mavericks game. It was Kendra’s first Mavericks game and we had so much fun. At that at that moment, we decided we should start going to more sporting events together. Since we’ve covered MLB & NBA, we were thinking about hockey, but we know nothing about hockey and felt like NHL might be a bit too advanced for us. With that, Kendra looked into other options and found Lone Star Brahmas.

Lone Star Brahmas are part of the North American Hockey League and the 2015 NAHL South Division Champs. Kendra is part of FILLASEAT and snagged us some free tickets to see the Lone Star Brahmas play the Odessa Jackalopes. Little did we know she grabbed us the best seats possible! Not only were we able to see the fights on the ice, but also in the two rows in front of us.

Kendra and I sat behind a group of five immature guys – my guess would be somewhere around ages 18 and 19, but somehow, one was buying the drinks. They were sitting behind two men that looked 26-28? (hard to guess) but those men were clearly into the game and paying attention. The entire night, the younger guys were being “funny” but really just annoying and after the second period, the older guys had enough. Not sure what was said, but the older ones turned around and yelled at one of the younger guys and things escalated quickly. The two older men attempted to get the younger kids outside to “settle” things, but naturally the younger guys refused. I would have too. There may have been more in numbers with the young ones, but they looked like twigs compared to the older two. The crowd noticed, but after a good few minutes, one of the older guys said, “I hope you die and I hope you die soon!” to the main young boy and it kind of became a joke at that point. They had a lot going for them until he dropped that line. Kendra and I had front row seats to the testosterone overload and it was great!

Even though punches were not exchanged, on the ice, plenty were! The Odessa Jackalopes had been starting little fights here and there throughout the entire game, but before the game ended near the end of the third period, nine players got into a fist fight – four Jackalopes and five Brahmas. The huddle quickly turned into four separate fights. Blood was shed and it was AWESOME! Combined, the fights resulted in 131 penalty minutes. At the end of the game, Odessa had 125 minutes on 28 infractions while Lone Star had 87 minutes on 16 infractions – Brahmas won 6-1.

We could not have asked for a better first hockey game! By the end of the game, our phones died from attempting to post everything on Snapchat while not having signal and had to drive home without GPS. Turns out, we do not need help from our phones to get us back home and we make a badass team. From beginning to end, we had quite the adventure. We will definitely be attending more sporting events together and I cannot wait to see what we experience next!


Goooo Brahmas!



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