Nayell’s Visit

This past St. Patrick’s Day, I spent the day with my mom and cousin. My cousins, Esteban and Nayell were on their way to Houston, where Nayell will be interning and finishing up her Master’s program. They arrived Wednesday, but since I was at the Dance With Me Grand Opening, I was not able to spend time with them until the next day.

Thursday morning, we woke up and had breakfast together. My mom made delicious huevos con chorizo y papas – eggs with chorizo and potatoes. Esteban went out with my eldest brother, Gaspar, while Nayell stayed with my mom and I. A bit after some lazy time, my mom took Nayell and I for some Starbucks for the heck of it – I wish my cousins would visit more! Breakfast made by my mom and Starbucks?! After Starbucks, we stopped by a local Kroger to pick up a few items for dinner, then once we got home, my poor cousin ended up helping me clean my bedroom since I had a guest (because family doesn’t count) visiting later that night. She took home make-up and skin care products I don’t use, so I guess that was a plus for her. She seemed pretty excited about it. As she was cleaning, she was trying different products like a little kid. It was funny watching her reading the labels and at times, using the products incorrectly. After cleaning my room, my mother invited us out to The Shops at Highland Village where we stopped by James Avery, ate ice cream and brownies, talked, then shopped at Francesca’s and Bath and Body Works before going home for dinner.

Later that night, Nayell went with me to DFW Airport to pick up a girl visiting from England. Her name is Adrienne but prefers to go by Adi. She had plans on staying with a friend of hers, but last minute her plans fell through. A mutual friend asked if anyone was willing to let her stay with us so that she would not cancel her trip to Texas and immediately, I sent Adi a Facebook message and let her know she was more than welcome to stay with me. Not knowing her whatsoever, I took my cousin with me to pick her up late Thursday. After circling the garage multiple times, we finally left the airport, stopped by In-N-Out and as soon as we got home, they both passed out. Long day, I guess!

I am so glad I was able to spend my day with my mom and cousin. Nayell is the closest thing I have to a sister and I have my mom and aunt to thank for that. They always tried to make sure we were together – even when I did not want to (mainly because she would always bite me growing up). I know she has very little free time due to her studies and I am thankful she took the time to stop by on her way to Houston to spend a day and a half with us.

Thank you for following!

Daniella x


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