Adventures With Adi

On March 8th, a friend posted this on Facebook and tagged a few of us in the area:

OK Texan Girl Scout ladies I might need some help here. I have a friend who is supposed to be flying in to DFW next week to stay with a friend she made I think at camp America last year. The trip was booked back in September but the friend has stopped replying to her messages so she is apprehensive to come. She was supposed to be staying in Stevensville. She is 21 and a member of Girlguiding as well as being a friend of mine. Can anyone help so that if things don’t turn out good she has someone to meet her and somewhere to stay so she can continue with her trip. Thanks ladies. Let’s show her how fab this association we all belong to is her name is Adrienne.

First of all, yes I was a Girl Scout, and yes, it was awesome.

As soon as I read the post, I sent Adrienne a message on Facebook to let her know she is more than welcome to stay with me. She responded letting me know what was going on and that she was going to wait to hear from her friend. Not knowing if she was going to stay with her friend or not, we decided I would pick her up from the airport since it is only a 30 minute drive from me and then sort out the details with her friend later. Luckily, even though it was last minute, my boss let me have the day off while she was staying with me.

Late Thursday night, on the 17th of March, my cousin Nayell and I went to DFW airport to pick her up, but she was literally a stranger so it was a bit nerve-wracking in an exciting kind of way. We were looking at everyone walking towards the baggage claim and just hoping we would see her as soon as she walked through the revolving door. Since we had never met before, we weren’t entirely sure what she looked like in person. We had Facebook photos to help, but it was still awkward when we first saw each other. It took us each a second to realize we were who we were looking for. I made a very small hand gesture in case it wasn’t her to prevent any embarrassment, but she nodded her head, smiled and walked towards me. We introduced ourselves to each other and waited for her baggage. My cousin and I helped get her things to the car and decided we would give her a tour of the garage multiple times. After the third time we circled through our level at the garage, we realized we had passed the same cars and area before. We could not stop laughing once we realized it. Adi said she noticed before us, but wasn’t sure. Turns out there are different ‘EXIT’ signs for pedestrians and drivers. Also, in my defense, I was far too interested in Adi and what she had to say instead of focusing on how to get out of the garage. Adi was extremely hungry and tired so we decided to stop by In-N-Out on our way home. As soon as we got home, Adi went to bed. From when she had left to when she made it to my house, she had traveled for about 26 hours and needed the rest.

Friday morning, my cousins that were visiting left, and Adi and I were off to Dallas. First we stopped by an AT&T store so that she could pick up a sim card while she was in the States. Unfortunately, the sales person sold her the wrong plan and we stopped at another store on our way to Dallas. It took a couple of hours to get it all sorted, but the Southlake location had an awesome sales person who did everything in his power to not overcharge Adi. Through some loophole, he was able to get Adi the correct plan and we were finally able to make the drive to Dallas. We went to visit The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza  – museum of the life and death of John F. Kennedy and where many believe Lee Harvey Oswald shot and took the life of the President. It was an emotional experience. I had been there before, but they changed it some and it was a great reading, listening and re-experiencing the museum as an adult. I highly recommend everyone to visit the museum.

After the museum, Adi took a nap before going out with me. I invited a few friends out to meet Adi and we went around the Denton Square. We hit up East Side, Oak St Draft House, Harvest House and ended the night of drinking at Mulberry Street Cantina. I was driving, so I stopped at two drinks, but my friends and Adi had a drink or two at each bar. On our way home, we all decided we needed to complete the night as everyone should, by stopping by Whataburger for some late-night grub. We had to give Adi the full Texan experience!

Saturday morning, Adi heard displeasing news from back home, but she was still ready to make the best of her trip. My good friend Karly, girlfriend of the birthday boy and Adan hosted a birthday party for Spencer – Let’s Remember ’88, Spencer’s Turning 28! We all dressed as popular character or icons from the 80’s and 90’s, drank green beer, and had a field day. You can read more about the birthday party in my next post.

Sunday,  Adi and I went to the Dallas Mavericks game. I invited a few friends, Jose, Dana, and Whitney to join us, but unfortunately, Jose and Dana had to sit a few seats away from us. Adi and I met Whitney at her place and she drove us to the game. I am so glad she volunteered to drive because the traffic in Dallas makes me extremely nervous. The Dallas Mavericks were not doing so hot lately, but that day, they played the Portland Trail Blazers and won! Adi had never been to an NBA game and she was able to experience not only a Dallas win, but a win in overtime! I am so glad she was able to attend a game with a lot of great energy from the crowd. Adi, currently studying sports was able to keep up with stats throughout the game. She would make mental notes and share them with me. It was amazing to see how many habits or tricks she would catch from the players! Sadly, we were not able to catch any T-shirts for her, but she did take home a Mavericks koozie and found a ticket stub on our way to the car that she was able to keep. I only had the phone version of a ticket which isn’t as cool. After the game, Adi and I had dinner then I met up with my former Girl Scout leader, Sandy, so that Adi can experience Texas with her!

I saw her again one more time later in the week. She went with my family to see my little cousin play soccer and had dinner with us before dropping her off at my friend’s place. We had authentic Mexican food and she had her very first torta (Mexican sandwich) ever. She was not sure what an avocado was and she nibbled on it like a hamster when she first tried it. I was in shock when I found out she did not know what an avocado was. I suppose it makes sense, but still, it’s AVOCADO! One of the best fruits out there! Its smooth and delicious! After dinner I dropped her off with a friend of mine so she could go to a house party and the following day, visit Austin with aAdan. The following week, she was able to visit Fort Worth and hang out with another Girl Scout from my troop, Jessica, and made plans to camp. I wish I was able to attend, but due to prior commitments, I was not not able to join in on the fun.

This past Monday, Adi had her goodbye dinner at Rooster’s Roadhouse in Denton. Ms. Sandy, Jessica, her boo, my dad, Whitney and her husband, Zak were all there. Adi told us about all of her adventures while she was here. After a good few hours of catching up and talking, it was time to say our goodbyes. It was really sad seeing Adi leave us!

Even though Adi’s original plans fell through and it was sad to hear her friend had flaked, I am grateful to have met her. She is such an inspiration! She is fearless and ready to take on life no matter what. Even when things aren’t looking great in life, Adi has a smile and makes the best of everything! I only wish I was as fearless as her and able to experience traveling like she does. She lives life to the fullest and does not let anything stop her. Next year I plan on visiting her and I cannot wait to see her show me all of her favorite places and to meet her friends!

Adi, you are such a wonderful person! Even though we were only able to spend a few days together, you were able to teach me a lot! I cannot wait to try all the foods you gave me! I will be sure to video call or Snap you when I try your funky foods! Glad you will finally be with your family again. Sending you my condolences. Until next time, GERONIMO!

Much love,

Daniella xx


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