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We All Have Our Thing

Hello all! I said I was going to blog again, but then I disappeared. Life has been pretty hectic lately. My apologies. Earlier today, I shared a long post on Facebook and decided it was the perfect way to get my blog going again. This is what I posted:

When I first started playing with makeup, it was out of boredom. Getting used to wearing makeup all day every day and every night left me feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. It took me years to be okay with people seeing me 100% bare-faced. Now, when I wear makeup, it is because I truly find it either fun or relaxing. I take a long time to apply makeup not because I wear a lot, but because I enjoy spending time on it. I will sing or dance as I apply makeup or I will experiment which takes more time than usual. Other times, I find myself being in a state of calmness that I take my time on it. I am addicted to my phone, but my friends know if I am applying makeup, I will ignore you. Applying makeup makes me happy and it is where I find my peace. I get many backhanded compliments or people will tell me they don’t understand why I have to wear so much makeup. I understand you do not feel the same way about makeup as I do, but understand it is my passion. I do not HAVE to wear a lot of makeup or any makeup at all. In fact, if I don’t have the time to apply my makeup the way I’d like to or in a way that I find enjoyable, I won’t apply any. I wear makeup because APPLYING makeup makes me happy. You all have your thing that makes you happy, makeup is my thing.



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